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We can help you add the FUNdamentals, along with the rest of LTAD/LTED, to your existing equestrian programs!

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Let's Vault!

Clinics Only

At this time, the NorthLight Vaulters and their coaches are focused on providing clinics across the country to help grow this amazing sport; we are not offering regular weekly lessons at this time. We also host our annual Everyone's Invited Invitational vaulting competition each summer, and one of our coaches, Colin, is also focused on growing Canada's judging program. Colin officiats at three to six competitions each year.

Young vaulter performing the millVault to Ride Better

Equestrian Vaulting, sometimes referred to by the public as 'Horse Vaulting', is well known as a great way to develop balance and confidence on a moving horse. By learning to feel and absorb the motion of the horse's gait, without interfering with it, vaulters also learn ideal harmony with the horse.

Spend Time with Horses Without Owning One

With as many as six individual athletes sharing one horse in a lesson or competition, Vaulting can make for an affordable introduction to equestrian sport while also providing the very best set of core skills for the future.


Get into Sports!

Vaulting is a very engaging sport for children and teens who are looking to either start their first sport or switch to an entirely new sport. For many, it opens the gates to a lifelong healthy and active lifestyle. Our coaches believe in following the Canadian Sport for Life Long-Term-Athlete-Development guidelines in order to help your children, teens, or even adults become healthy and happy athletes. We believe that sport is an integral part of a well-rounded lifestyle.

Learn how you can build the FUNdamentals into your programs, including safe introductions to the basic gymnastics/acrobatics skills on the ground such as rolls, handstands and cartwheels. For children and teens who love to dance, vaulting can also be an introduction or outlet for musical expression.

Inside tuck ground jumpGet Fit

Fitness and Fun must go hand in hand. We show children that exercise can be fun by offering just the right amount of challenge for their individual fitness levels. Vaulters are taken through progressive levels that allow each individual to develop at his or her own pace while still enjoying a small-group environment. Much of our lesson material is presented in a playful game format.


Our coaches are highly trained in how to correctly and safely help an athlete improve his or her flexibility in the gentlest ways possible. We teach athletes how to safely stretch at home which can be of great benefit to those already involved in gymnastics, acrobatics or dance. We follow the proven methodology of stretching often instead of stretching 'hard'.

Mental Skills

The NorthLight Vaulting philosophy is one that teaches the mind in order to teach the body. Our teaching methods help athletes lean to monitor their own thoughts, emotional states, and be fully aware of their bodies and their surrounding environment. These skills are not only valuable in our sport, but in every aspect of life.

Sitting stagFUN!!

Vaulting has something to offer every kind of athlete :)

Those who love dancing and being artistic are able to come up with creative chorography to perform for parents and judges alike. On the other side, it also offers a safe way for those vaulters who are more interested in the acrobatic and gymnastic aspects to get a thrill by pushing their limits. The culture of the vaulting community is one of mutual respect, sportsmanship, and above all, friendship.

Although we are a competitive sport, our competitions present an atmosphere of camaraderie where clubs from all across the continent cheer for each other and help each other in times of need. Learn to keep lessons fun and virtually stress free by setting attainable goals and gently nurturing internal motivation to work hard and achieve their personal best.


We are located in Chilliwack, BC, Canada. We are well connected and part of the greater vaulting community. The NorthLight Vaulters are a Branch of the Equestrian Vaulting Association of BC (EVABC), which is an Affiliate of Horse Council BC (HCBC), which is the Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) for BC under Equine Canada, including VaultCanada.