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5 Tips for Beating the Blas

All athletes know that sometimes you just don't feel like training. Maybe you're stiff and sore, maybe you're tired, or maybe you're feeling emotionally bla. These things can pile up and make us dread training. Over the last couple of months beating the blas has been one of the key things I have been working on with my training. As someone with ADHD pushing myself to do something I don't want to can be an almost insurmountable challenge. I've taken the things I have learned in this process and distilled them for you into these five tips.

1.  Eat Something Yummy

A healthy breakfast for a Vaulter

What you eat before you train can have a huge impact on your energy level, focus and mood. This is especially important for morning training since the level of glucose (blood sugar) in your brain will have gotten depleted overnight.

 Eating fruit in the morning or drinking fruit juice will help give you a good boost.

 The next thing you need for breakfast complex carbohydrates: these are found in whole grains like wheat, oats and rice.  Complex carbs are the fuel that your body burns to make your muscles work. This energy takes a bit longer than sugar to be available for use so you won't  notice its effects right away.

 Finally breakfast needs to have protein. Protein is the building blocks of new muscle and connective tissue. Another benefit of eating fruit with your breakfast is that fruits with vibrant colours like strawberries and tomatoes contain nutrients that help your body turn protein into connective tissue. Protein digests the slowest of all of your macronutrients so its important to eat some for breakfast so its available to use later in the day.

If you're not training in the morning this still applies.

My favorite breakfast is whole wheat waffles with whey protein powder mixed into the batter. I then heat up some frozen mixed berries and pour them over top of the waffle.

What are some breakfast ideas that you like that have natural sugar, complex carbs and protein?



Filling up your water bottle is an important step before a workout2. Take it One step at a Time

 It can be hard to even make yourself get up from the breakfast table some mornings. Some times we just have to mentally talk ourselves through each step. "okay Raven. Get up from the table. Now put your dishes away. Now get your water bottle. Now go to the garage." it might seem a little silly but it helps. Especially if your blas are mostly mental today. If you need to motivate yourself focus on good memories of training - especially times when you were very energized and excited about what you were doing.





3. Start Slowly

 Take your warm-up slowly, especially if you are feeling stiff and/or sore. I like to put some music on and start with some slow belly dancing hip circles and work into other warm up exercises and dance movements. Its okay to stop and stretch gently or catch focus on your breathing for a few seconds. Just make sure to keep moving - especially if it is colder than it has been lately. You will probably find yourself feeling more motivated and energized as you progress through your warm up.


4. Keep it familiar

As you progress into your actual training work on familiar skills (such as compulsories or old freestyle stuff) play with drills and breakdowns. Its okay to take it easy - work as hard or gently as you feel up to. Just do SOMETHING. Even if all you do is practice your arm moves you are at least on the barrel building positive habits.

5. Finish on a fun note.

 Usually by the time I've warmed up and done some drills I start to feel more energetic and positive. I like to reinforce that state of mind by finishing up with something I enjoy like choreography to whatever happens to have come up on shuffle or seeing how many ground jumps I can do in a row. (not recommended if you have a tipsy barrel)

When I finish my practice feeling like I had a great time its easier to beat the barrel blas next time. 



I hope these tips help you to have more fun with your at-home training.


These strategies can also help you to beat the blas in other areas of your life. Do you feel 'bla' about School? Work? Your Chores? Once you have gotten good at applying these strategies to your training try them with other things.


Happy Vaulting,

Raven Schmidt