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Check out some of our friends and favorites:

Our Friends

Twisters Gymnastics

If you're looking for one of NorthLight's elite athletes and you don't find him or her at the barn chances are you'll find them at the Gym. Why? Because correct and safe gymnastics training is a vital element of a competitive Vaulter's training. Not to mention we love their warm and positive community atmosphere.



Cheam Vaulters & Freedom Acrobatics

We love Cheam - Founded in the early '70s they are the oldest Equestrian Vaulting club in Canada! For athletes who live in Abbotsford or the west side of Chilliwack or feel drawn more to team than individual vaulting we HIGHLY recommend them!



Tack and Vaultingwear


Skyline Equine

Our favorite tack shop: We LOVE their competitive surcingles. They also carry training equipment like handles for practice barrels as well elegant custom bridles in sizes from pony to draft.



Dancewear Solutions

This site is very popular with vaulters looking for affordable workout clothes or and they sell a number of styles of dance shoes that are appropriate for vaulting.



GK Elite Sportswear

Coach/Athlete Raven Schmidt's favorite workout leotard brand.






Equine Canada

Horse Council of British Colombia

Equestrian Vaulting Association of British Colombia

Gymnastics BC

Belgian Draft Corporation of North America