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Terms of Use

This is our current Terms of Service, last updated 2013-07-01.

By using this website you agree to be bound by these Terms of Service.

    1. You will only provide accurate and honest information to the best of your ability.
    2. You will not slander or cause harm to any users of this system.
    3. You will not slander or cause harm to the owners/operators of this system.
    4. You will not attempt to overcome any security measures utilized by this system.
    5. You will report any legal or security concerns you have regarding this system to the system's owners/operators as soon as possible and you will not disclose such concerns to the general public until the owerns/operators have had reasonable time to address those concerns.

Any breaches of these Terms of Service may be prosecurted to the fullest extent allowed by law.

This website does use Google Analytics. As such, any Terms of Service related to website visitors for this service apply as well.

Our Terms of Service are subject to change in the future without any notice to you. The current version of these terms will always be published here at http://www.letsvault.com/Terms-of-Service

All enquiries or notices about our Terms of Service should be directed to [email protected]